Transforming wellbeing through cycling

Cycling improves our health, wellbeing and it’s kinder to the environment.

This is where we come in. Organisations who want to bring about positive change partner with us and support their people to get riding. Individuals get a shiny new bike, which they pay for with pedal power.  

We use the latest technology and behavioural nudges to inspire and support personal, organisational and environmental change.

And it's as easy as riding a bike!  

free2cycle is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

How does free2cycle work?

It's really simple. You tell us how many miles you think you can ride each week and in exchange you get a shiny new bike. As long as you keep riding the bike won't cost you a penny. So you end up with a great new bike, improved wellbeing, a cleaner environment and save some money.

Why is cycling so good for my wellbeing?

There are so many reasons why cycling is good for your wellbeing.

Here are a few of our favourites: 

It's good for your physical health - regular cycling reduces the incidence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46%.

Fresh air and being outdoors helps you maintain a healthy mind and exercise is an anti-depressant.

Commuting by bike is free - research shows this can save an average of £150 per month.

How does it benefit my organisation?


Organisations thrive when their teams are healthy, engaged and happy – cycling is proven to promote all of these things. More smiles and added energy means fewer sick days and is good for business.  Cycling also improves our environment and if you ride to work it’ll help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint.

How does free2cycle differ from traditional cycle to work schemes?

We're not like traditional cycle to work schemes - the similarity begins and ends with the bike!

At free2cycle we’re interested in improving wellbeing.

The benefits of cycling come not from owning a bike but from riding it regularly, that's where free2cycle comes in. With us you get a new bike without the big pay out and our rewards and behavioural nudges help to keep you pedalling.

With traditional cycle schemes you sign up to a finance plan with your employer and repay the full value of the bike by sacrificing a portion of your salary.

With free2cycle you own your bike from day one, you also sign up to a finance plan but as long as you keep pedalling, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny.

If you have any questions just contact our Team here.

Why we love cycling...

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