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19th August 2018

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Feeling part of a community

19th August 2018

In an era of political division and economic uncertainty, it’s often difficult to escape the feeling of isolation in day-to-day life. The problems that our society faces with the lack of physical exercise and growing problems of obesity, traffic congestion and the environment can take a toll on community spirit.

Thankfully, across the country each morning and afternoon, a different kind of community gathers. One that strives to make the population healthier and happier, and to help the environment by encouraging people not to simply own a bike, but use it to get to work. The love of bikes is ingrained in the foundations of Free2Cycle, all founders are passionate about cycling and how it can benefit society.

The cycling community can be defined as a mixture of people that commute to work by bike, cycling enthusiasts that spend their weekend on two wheels, and cycling suppliers. With Free2Cycle, you become part of this community of cyclists, starting an ‘active’ commute and enjoying the wider health benefits.

The strength of the correlation between physical activity and health outcomes is by no means a new discovery. In the largest study into the impact of cycling on the reduction of cancer and heart disease, “active” commuters were compared with those who had a mostly stationary journey. The findings of the five-year study, which was conducted by the University of Glasgow and published by the British Medical Journal, showed that regular cycling cut the risk of death from any cause by 41 per cent. Furthermore, it cut the incidence of cancer by 45 per cent, and heart disease by 46 per cent.

The people that make your bike and equipment benefit too, by driving cyclists back to the high street. The Free2Cycle business model is set to stimulate business for suppliers, retailers and service providers alike by unlocking a much broader market that will reward the overall cycling economy. Having a close relationship with some of the world’s biggest bike companies means that Free2Cycle cyclists are riding the latest, safest and above all, most exciting bikes.

Not only is it a chance for potential cyclists to initiate themselves with a new community, but for their sponsors as well. A recent report suggests sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29 billion each year. Free2Cycle tackles this head on by encouraging sponsors to invest in the health and fitness of their teams. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) indicated that physically active workers take 27 per cent fewer sick days. Furthermore, HR Magazine recently published that 33 per cent of employers said that cyclists are more productive at work, while 44 per cent described those who cycle as being more efficient and 89 per cent said that those who cycle to work were more energised throughout the day.

Free2Cycle resets the paradigm. The initiative is available to everyone and rewards all involved. In contrast to current cycle schemes which are not available to all employees, it aims to dramatically increase the number of cyclists on the roads throughout the country. For cyclists who meet or exceed their personal mileage pledge, the bike is not only free but Free2Cycle sets itself apart from other business models by rewarding their progress. This benefits both cyclist, sponsor and the whole cycling community as it keeps Britain cycling.

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