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19th February 2019

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Top down and bottom up – a shared responsibility to changing how we get around

19th February 2019

In a busy and complex world, it is incredibly hard to bring about meaningful large-scale change. How then do we facilitate a move away from an outdated transport infrastructure that is no longer fit for purpose? For many, it is too challenging to undertake.

What is needed are simple, practical solutions and this is where free2cycle comes in. We make it easy to get more people cycling and motivate them to keep at it. At the core of our model is ensuring organisations and individuals share the responsibility for what has become one of the greatest challenges of our time.

We work with partners across the public and private sectors to support their people to consider cycling as one of their primary transport options. With free2cycle organisations incentivise active behaviour by agreeing to fund miles ridden. An app tracks this mileage and as long as it matches the pledge people have set themselves, free2cycle covers the cost of the bike. Put simply individuals who sign-up get a new bike which won’t cost them a penny if they ride it.

The key for us is getting both parties to make a commitment and we do this by making our offer a ‘win-win’. Organisations generate a healthy return as far as team wellbeing and performance is concerned and make measurable carbon savings. Individuals benefit from improved health, wellbeing and they earn a bike just by riding it.

More and more organisations are taking an interest in our approach. They know that as well as being healthier, active people tend to be happier and more productive. Getting them away from our over-crowded transport networks also enables organisations to make a large scale, collective contribution to reducing their carbon footprint.

Employers are an integral part of the transition onto more sustainable modes of transport. They need to promote and reward active behaviour, something they’re more likely to facilitate if they know their people also have some ‘skin in the game’. In turn their teams must adopt active behaviours to shake up commuting norms and bring about the change we so desperately need.

We have recently rolled out our offer with a major UK financial services business, we’re about to launch with an emerging tech company and will soon be working alongside a Local Authority in London.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential for a partnership, please drop our Business Development Director Jonny an email You can also visit to find out more.

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