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19th September 2017

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We Are Live!

19th September 2017

It’s been an exciting journey, and we are extremely proud of the product that we are able to present to you.

Aiming to get millions of new cyclists on the road - and modelling usage in the likes of Cambridge and Holland - our Free2Cycle initiative introduces cycling to those who could, but currently don’t cycle to work by making bikes available that are paid for by using them.

Free2Cycle combines effective use of technology and an innovative financial approach to tackle the £27 billion financial burden of inactivity to our economy and pressure on the NHS head on.

Potential cyclists can benefit from:

  • Improved wellbeing
  • The freedom to choose a bike suitable for them funded by using it rather than parting with cash
  • The rewards of fitness
  • Savings on their commute cost
  • Making a real difference to our environment

“We’ve introduced an effective model that rewards cyclists and is extremely beneficial to sponsors,” says Eric Craig, our CEO. “We are very excited about the potential of enabling more people to use bikes, not simply owning them, and the difference that it can make to a healthier, happier society and an improved environment.”

With no salary sacrifice from potential cyclists, it makes this attractive to all regardless of income and with no upfront payments from sponsors, we expect to attract a new, previously ignored cycling market and make a significant impact on the fitness of our society.

In addition to going live, we have also have signed agreements with a wide range of suppliers with the view of offering a large range of bikes for cyclists to choose from.

In the past few weeks, Eric and the team have been conducting interviews across a wide range of media, including BBC News, Jazz FM and The Guardian.