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1st May 2019

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We heard you.

1st May 2019

We heard you.

You told us that you loved the idea of getting your hands on a new bike and keeping active, but you were feeling a bit commitment shy. We get it.

So, after listening to your feedback, we’ve making a few updates to the free2cycle offer.

The basis of our model remains the same - you can get a new bike, which won’t cost you a penny so long as you ride it.


Here’s a summary of what’s changed:

• The length of the commitment riders are asked to make has been reduced from 48 months to 36. 

• Our minimum pledge is 22 miles a week, which gets riders a new bike worth £350.

• The maximum pledge of 100 miles a week, equates to a bike value of £1600.

• Our seasonal ‘buffer' means that you don’t need to ride on those foul weather days, you only need to ride 80% of your pledge to avoid any payment. 

The cost per mile for sponsoring organisations remains the same. 


We have some awesome new bikes available in our Spring window, available on a first come, first served basis. You can take a peek at what’s on offer here.


Take a look at our webpage for more information or drop us an email on, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks so much and happy pedalling from the free2cycle team.