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Wellbeing initiative adds unique feature to help earn charities millions through pedal power

free2cycle integrates charitable giving option, with aim of breaking £1 million donation barrier over 12 months

28 August 2018

free2cycle is encouraging users to give back to good causes, simply through pedal power. As part of the initiative’s commitment to support its founding values to improve health, wellbeing and the environment, the enterprise is now integrating a new charitable giving option into its first-of-a-kind proposition. It is hoped that over 12 months, free2cycle will raise close to £1 million for charities, as it encourages more individuals to swap a sedentary commute for two wheels.

Currently, free2cycle cyclists are incentivised to commute by a two pence per mile reward which goes towards bike servicing costs or accessories at their local retailer. However, the new addition will give cyclists the freedom to donate this to charity, so the more they commute by bike, the more that goes to their preferred charity; and of course it helps save our environment too. For a cyclist riding a mere 25 miles per week (for most people that’s roughly 15 minutes of commute each way cycling at an average pace), this will generate almost £25 per year for the charity of their choice.

free2cycle is encouraging users to adopt this no-hassle form of charitable giving, so good causes benefit from cycling, along with users’ health and the environment. free2cycle expects to be in a position to donate over a £1 million a year to nominated charities, in fact this is based on only just over 42,500 people, or less than 0.2% of the working population commuting by bike with free2cycle. They expect charitable funding to increase considerably over the coming years.

Eric Craig, CEO free2cycle commented:

“Improving peoples’ health, wellbeing and our environment are the values we built free2cycle on. Getting more people, more active, more often, not only reduces individuals’ risk of major health incidents, but also helps improve our environment for the benefit of all. But now it’s time to extend this goodwill network further, by increasing the impact these cyclists can have on the causes they care about.

free2cycle is a wellbeing initiative committed to enabling people to better their physical and mental health, along with that of the environment through the power of cycling. It does this by working in partnership with organisations, individuals, retailers, suppliers and now charities to incentivise regular bike use.

Richard Taylor, Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Macmillan Cancer Support, added:

“Fundraising is incredibly challenging at the moment for many reasons. Despite technology coming on leaps and bounds, theoretically making it easier to donate quickly and easily, it is becoming increasingly hard to encourage consumers to part with their hard earned cash. So incentives such as that being introduced by free2cycle are very welcome and will provide a new source of much needed voluntary income to charities. Given the tangible benefits to health that cycling provides, we at Macmillan Cancer Support are incredibly excited by this new initiative, which will help us support the increasing numbers of people living with cancer.”


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