Organisations earn a
healthy return and 
measurable carbon savings

free2cycle makes it easy for organisations to boost engagement while improving health and wellbeing and our environment.

We put people on bikes.
In simple terms...

Individuals take responsibility by making a mileage pledge.

Organisations support their people by contributing towards active behaviour.

Organisations benefit from measurable environmental savings and individuals earn a bike by riding it.


Unique initiative focused on delivering benefits for both organisations and individuals

Being active improves health and productivity

Cycling offers a measurable carbon saving opportunity

Helps motivate your teams get active and keep active

No upfront cost, organisations only pay for results

Measurable return on investment

Carbon savings estimate

Number of people on bikes

Equivalent to

planted per year


Carbon savings estimate is based on data published by the DfT for an average commute of 30 miles per week.

Why organisations are partnering with free2cycle

Tax deductible for organisations

No risk for organisations, if your cyclists don’t ride their bike, you don’t pay

Address 10 of the UN’s sustainable development goals

Measurable data on carbon savings and the health of your team

Show commitment to your CSR policies and facilitate wellbeing for team members

Sign up If you’re interested in partnering with free2cycle, it’s easy to get involved

Helping good causes


When cyclists commute by bike we’ll donate to a charity of their choice for each commute mile, or this incentive can be used towards services or accessories at a local bike retailer.


If your organisation already has charity partners, why not get your teams to ride in support of a cause close to your heart.